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Book of Remembrance Fee

One of the most beautiful customs of the Jewish people is the remembrance of dear ones through memorial contributions made at the time of Yizkor and Yahrzeit. Particularly on these High Holy Days, we honor their memory by pledging charity on their behalf. They continue to inspire our lives with the blessing of their life.

Temple Adas Shalom-Harford Jewish Center's Book of Remembrance will be distributed to the Congregation on Yom Kippur morning and will serve as a source of prayer and meditation. It will also be used as we recite Yizkor throughout the year at Shalosh Regalim (Passover, Shavuot, and Sukkot).

The Book of Remembrance fee for the 5779 year is $50. (The fee includes as many names as you would like to add)

ONEG Opt Out Fee

Oneg means delight.  Those that attend services are bound to be delighted by the treats you bring.  If you are unable to fulfill this member obligation, we understand but there is a fee associated with opting out of your obligation.

If you wish to opt out, the ONEG opt out fee is $75.




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