> Super Bowl LIII Corned Beef Fundraiser

Super Bowl LIII is coming and so is our 3rd Annual Corned Beef Fundraiser

Do you love Corned Beef Sandwiches? I know I sure do! Let the Corned Beef Fundraising Team at Temple Adas Shalom feed you on Sunday, February 3rd.

Be it for Super Bowl LIII or just a casual anti-football (we promise that we won’t tell anyone you hate football) Sunday lunch, we just want to make your first Sunday in February is extra yummy while helping to raise money for our synagogue!

Win, Win!

For just $10.00 you get 1/3 lb. of Corned Beef on either Rye bread or Kaiser Roll along with a bag of chips and a pickle spear.

Make entertaining on Super Bowl Sunday a snap or just enjoy a simple Sunday lunch! 

Kaiser Roll

1/3 lb of Corned Beef on a Kaiser Roll
Bag of Chips
Pickle Spear

Rye Bread

1/3 lb of Corned Beef on Rye Bread
Bag of Chips
Pickle Spear




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